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Insurance Agent


Can you imagine buying a house, thinking your Realtor was working for you, only to find out that both Realtors were actually working for the seller?  Several years ago all Realtors worked for the seller in all real estate transactions.  Even if the Realtor was bringing the buyer to the home and had never met the seller.  It was the way business had always been done and a lot of Realtors thought it made sense because it was the seller paying the Realtor commission.  But conducting business this way left ALL buyers unrepresented - hence the "buyer beware" attitude.  But today that no longer has to be the case.  Buyers today have the opportunity to have their own representation in a real estate transaction. 

They can, and should, have a Realtor that is truly working for them with their interests at heart!

Julie believes that every buyer deserves to have someone on their side - someone who is looking out for your best interests and putting your needs above all else.

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