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Julie offers her sellers the opportunity to meet with her and go over many issues before making the decision to list their property with her.  It is important to discuss why you are selling, where you are going and what you are willing to do to assist in the home selling process.  Are you relocating out of state?  Do you have to be in a new city by a specific date?  Are you moving across town?  Are you moving to a new school district?  Do you need to sell the house quickly or do you have the time, money and desire to paint a few walls and plant a few flowers?  These are all important factors that will assist developing a strategy to properly and effectively market your home.


Julie's marketing plan includes many different avenues to reach the widest array of potential buyers thus giving your home the maximum level of exposure.  From online marketing to print ads and everything in between - Julie works to ensure that your home is reaching as many buyers as possible. 


Home buyers will see your home on The Wilson Group Real Estate website ( and on Julie's personal Web site at

  • She will list your home on, the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website.

  • She will feature your home on the #1 real estate site,®, so it can get as much as 299% more exposure, on average

  • She will submit your property to multiple Web sites on the Internet.   

  • She will include multiple photos in marketing your property online because that is what buyers say they want most online

  • Each online listing will include detailed information about your property for buyers to view

  • Each site that features your property will include multiple ways to inquire about your property

  • Inquiries about your property will be responded to in a timely manner

When you meet with Julie she will discuss the online marketing tools as well as the full array of her marketing plan with you. 



There are several factors to consider when pricing your home. 


How does your  home compare to similar homes that sold in the area?

This will help identify the fair market value- the value an appraiser might give the home.  You can price your home at whatever amount you want to, but if it won't appraise for that price, there is a slim to none chance that someone will actually be willing to buy it!  


How does your home compare to similar homes currently for sale in the area?

This establishes your "competition"- the homes potential homebuyers will likely be viewing and comparing to your home. 

How does your  home compare to similar homes that didn't sell in the area?

These homes have sat on the market for some time and didn't sell.  This helps establish what the market will not bear.  Often times Julie has personally viewed these homes and can offer some suggestion why they didn't sell.  That is yet another advantage of using Julie as your knowledgeable local Realtor. 


Your home is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

Although important to you, such factors as what you originally paid for the house or what amount of money you hope to make from the sell are irrelevant in determining a fair market value. 


Homes that start out overpriced just to "test out" the market lose valuable time and may not sell at all.

First of all, the buzz that is created when a home first hits the market can not be reproduced- agents get special email alerts, calls come in from the yard sign, and everyone rushes to schedule a showing!  Secondly, buyers tend to think something is "wrong" with the home if it sits on the market a while or has significant price drops.  Because of this stigma, these homes get shown infrequently.

Pricing is an art, not a science, and needs to be reevaluated often as the market changes.


Julie will also discuss "staging" your home.  Most sellers in today's world realize the important of doing small repairs or attractively arranging furniture to make a standout first impression and showcase a home's attributes; but often have difficult seeing these needed changes in their own home.  Julie offers professional advice, based on her experience, on how to "stage" your home for best results.  She may include suggestions on low-cost improvements that would significantly increase the value or marketability of your home, or it may be as simple as rearranging furniture to make a room appear bigger.  Julie has also teamed with an experienced stager who is available to meet with her sellers to discuss any other changes that may need to be made.  Be sure to ready Julie's "Getting Ready to Sell" page for more tips and suggestions for preparing your home for sale.

When the time comes to meet at the closing table, check out Julie's recommended closing Attorneys:

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